Level up Your Instagram Experience: How to Create Broadcast Channels on iOS and Android

Through Broadcast Channels, participants can actively engage with the content, expressing reactions, participating in polls, and more


6/19/20232 min read

black and purple computer keyboard
black and purple computer keyboard

Instagram, the widely recognized social media platform under the Meta umbrella, has introduced its much-awaited Broadcast Channels feature on a global scale. This new feature empowers both creators and users by providing them with a robust tool to convey messages to their followers effectively. Through Broadcast Channels, participants can actively engage with the content, expressing reactions, participating in polls, and more. However, the feature does not allow for direct responses to the admin or creator.

With the inclusion of this feature, users gain the ability to share an assortment of media formats, including images, videos, audio clips, and text messages. This enriches the overall interactive experience on the platform, enabling a more dynamic and engaging connection between users and content.

When a creator sets up a broadcast channel, their followers will receive notifications and invitations to join. While anyone can view the channel's content, only those who actively join the channel will receive subsequent message notifications.

The initial message sent within the broadcast channel serves as a trigger, prompting all followers to join and stay connected. This notification ensures that followers are aware of the new channel and encourages their active participation.

To access your broadcast channels on the Instagram app, simply tap on "Send" or "Messenger" at the top right corner. From there, select "Channels" at the top to view and engage with your broadcast channels. This convenient navigation allows users to easily find and connect with the channels they have joined.


- Open Instagram on your Android or iOS device.

- Tap send or messenger in the top right of the feed.

- Tap in the top right.

- Tap Create broadcast channel.

- Enter a channel name

- Choose an audience for your channel.

- Choose when your channel ends.

- Choose to show your channel on your profile.

- Tap Create broadcast channel at the bottom.

When it comes to inviting individuals to join your broadcast channel, you have a few options at your disposal.

Firstly, you can invite people directly to your broadcast channel by sharing a link with them. It's important to note that the invitation link for your channel remains active at all times and cannot be disabled. Nevertheless, if needed, you have the flexibility to reset the link, generating a fresh invitation URL whenever necessary.

Additionally, as the creator of a broadcast channel, you have the ability to share your channel via a story. This feature allows you to reach a wider audience and extend invitations to join your channel in an engaging and interactive manner. By utilizing stories, you can effectively showcase your broadcast channel and encourage others to become active participants.