Microsoft Teams Updates for May 2023


6/20/20232 min read

macbook pro displaying group of people
macbook pro displaying group of people

Microsoft has come up with some new updates in May month. Below are some useful features which you might find helpful with this Microsoft teams updates

Focus on who’s talking in meetings 

Focus on who’s speaking during bigger meetings with Speaker view, a setting that spotlights thReview meetings in minutes in the meeting recap tab e video of whoever is talking. Turn on Speaker view by selecting View > Speaker view from the meeting controls.  

Review meetings in minutes in the meeting recap tab 

See a past meeting’s details in one place. View meeting recordings, transcripts, and more without switching screens or apps. Just open the meeting in your Teams calendar and select the Recap tab. To learn more, see Meeting recap in Microsoft Teams.

Review smarter, not harder, with intelligent meeting recap  (Teams Premium)

Get AI-powered insights from past meetings with intelligent meeting recap, available in Teams Premium. Look through AI-generated notes, meeting speakers, and more. Just open a meeting from your Teams calendar and select the Recap tab. To learn more, see Meeting recap in Microsoft Teams. 

Avatars in Microsoft Teams

Maintain presence in meetings off-camera with avatars in Teams. Avatars are customizable, so you can create one that best represents you. To get started, add the Avatars app from Apps on the left side of Teams and make your first avatar. Then, turn your camera off before or during a meeting, then select More options > Effects and avatars. There you can choose an existing avatar or make a new one. To learn more, see Join a meeting as an avatar in Teams.

Filter profanity from Teams live captions  

The Teams profanity filter lets you filter profanity out of live captions in your Teams meetings. To turn it on, go to Captions and transcripts in your Teams settings and turn the Filter profane words in meeting captions toggle on. To learn more, see Use live captions in a Teams meeting.

Collaborate in channels with the new Notes tab

Add and search for notes, share files, and more in channels with the new Notes tab. The Notes tab will now appear by default in new channels you create. For other channels, you can add the Notes tab manually. To learn more, see Add a OneNote notebook to Teams.

Make time for in-person meetings in your Teams calendar

Whether you’re meeting in-office or joining colleagues for lunch, you can now put time on your Teams calendar for in-person meetings. These meetings will appear in your calendar but won’t have chat threads or other virtual meeting functionalities. To schedule an offline meeting, create a meeting in Teams and turn off the toggle next to Online meeting.

Two-way lobby chat before Virtual Appointments (Teams Premium)

With Teams Premium, you can now chat with clients in the lobby before Virtual Appointments. To learn more, see What is Virtual Appointments?

Change and update your call greetings 

Easily manage your business hours greeting, add on-hold music, and more by managing your call queue and auto attendant greetings in Teams settings. Go to Settings > Calls > Call queue or auto attendant to make changes. To learn more, see Manage your call queue and auto attendant greetings in Microsoft Teams.

Compliance recording for redirected calls

Compliance recording policies will now be maintained for redirected calls, including calls that are forwarded, transferred, redirected to voicemail, and delegated. To learn more, see Call forwarding, call groups, and simultaneous ring in Teams.

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